The Circus, Humour & The Nailsworth Mural


The Circus

In 1975 Oliver and Denise travelled with the Roberts Brothers’ Circus, living in a van behind the scenes. A small but very different group of paintings were the result, being about people. There is a memorable picture of Coco the Clown, as an old man.    


Coco The Clown




Oliver also had a lovely sense of humour. Throughout his life he made paintings which were just for fun.





The Nailsworth Mural

In 1985 Oliver responded to a commission to paint a large mural on the west wall of Saint George’s Church, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. Initially he and Denise spent a month in the town, sketching, photographing, and getting to know the local people. Then in his studio Oliver carefully drew and planned the work. Finally, the mural took shape on the wall. Both Denise and a number of children came to help. The painting shows Christ surrounded by the people of Nailsworth.